About Us

PMS Records is independent from mainstream labels entirely.

Who are we?

We are a record label aiming to work closely with independent artists for short contract periods. Based in the United Kingdom, we work globally to produce works with acts from all genres. With partners and associates we manage a roster and offer inclusive services.

Established in 2016 we’ve been working towards building our catalogue of music and sharing our expertise with our artists. Striving to work with artists from all genres, we’ve continued to become involved in gritty, modern music projects

We aim to carry on our work over the next decade. This year has understandably been hard on music creators and people involved in the industry but we are working closely with our associates and partners, and hope to help more artists overcome new challenges. 

We are always seeking new sponsors for events, shows, product launches and online media.
Sponsoring our work helps us to support independent artists.
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We're launching an ambassador program, allowing our ambassadors to earn money via our music catalogue. Sign up now!

We have recently closed our advertising program for a limited time period. We plan on having the capability again soon.

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